Who Said it Would Be Easy?

Aspiring authors will say things to me like, “My writing isn’t coming along as easily as it should be.”

They’ll say, “Something’s wrong: I’m just not having fun working on this book anymore.”

Sometimes they’ll even take the lack of productivity or the absence of fun to mean they should stop writing.

Stop writing?

Woah, now! Hold it right there my friend!

Who the heck ever said writing should be easy and fun?

Just because an activity is ultimately rewarding or fulfilling, in the long term, doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be fun in the moment of doing.

This isn’t recess and you aren’t a child. You’re an adult, so act like it.

Writing is work. It’s hard work.

It’s not supposed to be easy.

Most of the time writing is about as much fun as backsquatting body-weight for 50 reps. That’s something I did a few years back, and let me tell you, once you’ve completed a task like that you’re certainly glad to have done it. But that doesn’t mean reps 35-50 are anything close to “fun” while you’re doing them. It also doesn’t mean the two months of five-day-a-week training sessions leading up to that accomplishment were fun either.

So… your writing is coming along slower than you hoped and you aren’t having fun with it anymore? Welcome to the club.

Life is freaking hard. Everything is difficult and most of it isn’t much fun. Get it out of your head that writing is going to be any different.

It’s not about fun.

It’s about perseverance.

It’s about not giving up when it stops being easy.

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