Christmas in Maplewright – A Page Turners Christmas Tale

It has become a bit of a tradition that every Christmas I write a short story for my friend, author Catherine Brunelle, as her Christmas present.

This year she requested a story featuring the characters Danny and Diana from my young adult horror series, The Page Turners.

The result was Christmas in Maplewright.

This story was written for Catherine, but she has encouraged me to share it with others.

That means Catherine’s Christmas present is now your present too!

(Click below to download a PDF of the story.)

If you would like to hear mine and Catherine’s thoughts about Christmas and storytelling, be sure to listen to the Christmas episode of our podcast, Write Along Radio.

Christmas in Maplewright

Click here to download a PDF copy of Christmas in Maplewright.


Click here to listen to the Christmas episode of Write Along Radio.

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