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Welcome to The Writing Coach. On this podcast, I speak with the instructors, editors, coaches, and mentors that help writers and authors create their art, build their audience, and sell their work.

In episode 19 of The Writing Coach, I speak with author, ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach Lizzie Vance.

Lizzie calls herself a “story fixer”. Her clients range from psychics to CEOs to soccer moms. When they work with Lizzie to fix their story, the parts of their lives that were trapped within the broken narrative inevitably get fixed as well.

During the interview, Lizzie describes:

  • The differences between coaching, editing, and book doctoring
  • How working with celebrity clients changes the creative dynamic
  • What she finds most rewarding about being a coach
  • How she has come to understand the importance of community
  • Why the production of a book is actually quite similar to a circus act
  • The importance of perspective and why a writer’s responsibility it to the work
  • What the very first exercise she asks clients to complete is all about
  • How to create viral marketing
  • The powerful epiphany she experienced while snorkeling in Hawaii
  • and much more!

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Show Notes

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