The Page Turners

Economy of Fear

Science-fiction, fantasy, and horror intermingle in the highly anticipated sequel to Kevin T. Johns's critically acclaimed young adult hit, The Page Turners.


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The blackest magic... is in space.

After discovering a book of magic hidden in their high school library, the Page Turners book club members -- Nate, Danny, and Spenser -- performed a spell that accidentally released a vampire from the pages of fiction into the real world.

With the indispensable help of Danny’s little sister, Diana, the Page Turners were able to put a stop to the vampire.

But when Spenser disappears from his bedroom in the dead of night, and a giant crop circle in the field behind his house is the only evidence as to where he has gone, the group realizes the vampire may not have been the only fictional monster released by the spell.

The Page Turners: Economy of Fear Book Trailer

What other authors are saying

Catherine Brunelle

The Page Turners: Economy of Fear is dark, gory… and so damn good.

Catherine Brunelle author of Claire Never Ending
Caroline Frechette

Actionpacked and poignant, the second installment in the Page Turners trilogy is even better than the first.

Caroline Frechette author of Blood Relations

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Nate, Spenser, Danny and Diana are back!

The Page Turners: Economy of Fear delivers the heartbreaking drama fans of the first book loved, while cranking up the sci-fi action and terrifying horror to a whole new level.

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