Rocket Princess vs. Snaggletooth the Dragon

A story of adventure and humor for girls who want to be more than just another princess!

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In the Kingdom of Rocketdonia, every child is given a jetpack on their seventh birthday...

In this Story Book You Will Discover...

  • Girls with Jetpacks

  • Fire Breathing Dragons

  • A Rebellious Princess

And Much More!

Rich Lauzon, a.k.a. Richtoon, teaches and coordinates in the Pre-Animation and Illustration at Algonquin College. He also is the creator of the webcomic He lives in Ottawa Canada with his wife and three daughters.  If he is awake, he is drawing.

Kevin T. Johns grew up in a small Ontario town, reading comic books, watching horror movies, and playing guitar in punk rock bands. He has authored several fiction novels and instructional writing books, hosts two podcasts on writings, and works as a writing coach and ghostwriter. He lives in Ottawa, Canada, with his wife and three daughters. On the rare occasions that he has the house to himself, he watches horror movies, reads comic books, and plays punk rock songs on his guitar.

A fantastic adventure for rebellious children everywhere!

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