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I know what you're thinking...

To be a published author, you need to be a naturally gifted writer who dedicates hours and hours to crafting your book (hours you just don't have).

What if I told you MANY best selling authors never once put their fingers to a keyboard and dedicate a minimal amount of time to creating their books?

Like these author, by working with a ghostwriter, your book can be written and published quickly and efficiently without you having to struggle through the time consuming and energy zapping writing process.

It's no secret that publishing a book can transform your business, strengthen your brand, and instantly turn you into a respected expert in your field.

But your time is far too valuable to spend clacking away at a keyboard for hours on end!

Let me do it for you. I'll transform your ideas and words into a book readers will love.

Working with Kevin

  • One-on-one Access

    When we collaborate on a book, you won’t be communicating with me through my team. You’ll have a direct line to me at all times. I’ll be there to support, provide you with up days, and walk you through the process every step of the way.

  • A boutique ghostwriting service, not a ghostwriting factory

    Most ghostwriting companies have a rigid structure they’re forced to stick with due to size. But no two books are alike, so why would we try to instill a specific “system” on top of the creative process? I’m able to work with you to develop an approach personally designed to you and your book.

  • Breadth of Publishing Experience

    I’ve published fiction, non-fiction, and even picture books under my own name. I have the non-fiction expertise you’d expect from a traditional ghostwriter, PLUS the additional expertise that comes with my background writing fiction, as well as coaching fiction authors. In additional, I’m well versed and well connected in both the traditional and independent publishing industry.

  • Lets have some fun!

    Writing a book should be a joyful experience. My high energy, flexibility and positive attitude will transform your book writing experience from a stressful endeavor to a joyful and fun process.

Customer Case Studies

  • James is trainer and educator in a popular online niche

    He has an existing online course he sells via his website. James teaches a live workshop version of the material from time to time, and has adapted portions of the material into a keynote speech. As such, he already knows the value of re-purposing existing material. He wants to attract more clients and get even more speaking engagements via the authority that comes from publishing a book. The problem is teaching a course and writing a book are two totally different things, and he knows writing is not his area of comfort and expertise.  

  • Cheryl is a successful business leader in her industry.

    She’s built her company from the ground up, and has decades of experience and expertise in her field. She feels compelled to pass on her knowledge and expertise to others, and she loves the idea of sharing her idea through a book. The problem is her time is extremely valuable. It just doesn’t make financial sense to dedicate the amount of time it would take to writing a book. In addition, she’s already juggling the numerous responsibilities that come with a leadership role in a busy organization. She knows her book will provide massive value to her readers and would ultimately be part of her legacy, but she just can’t see how she’ll ever be able to get a book written.


  • Greg is an aspiring author.

    He’s been struggling to get a book written for three years now, but he only has five rough chapters to show for it. Along the way he’s discovered writing a book isn’t nearly as fun or as easy as he thought it would be when he started writing. The problem is he’s already invested hours and hours of hard work into the project, not to mention a whole lot heart and soul. Greg isn’t ready to give up on the project of becoming a published author, but after three years of effort with little to show for it, he’s realized the book is never going to be completed if he doesn’t get some help.


  • Karen loves fantasy novels.

    She’s read them ever since she was a kid, and has put together a very respectable collection over the years. She’s an expert on the genre, and even has an idea for a fantasy novel of her own. Having read hundreds of novels in this genre, she knows her idea is totally unique and would thrill existing fans. The problem is she simply doesn’t have the writing skills to get a novel written. She’s confident her story will be a hit with her audience, and she loves the idea of having a fantasy novel of her own to put alongside or her favorite on her bookshelf, but knows she would never be able to write it herself.

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