This One Simple Hack Will Double the Pace of Your Online Learning

I took my first online course almost a decade ago.

I had decided I wanted to learn how to cook. In the process, I swiftly become obsessed with all things gastronomy. I read books about food, nutritionand cooking. I subscribed to Food and Wine magazine, and I religiously watched the Food Network.

It was my love of Food Network shows like Chef at Home and Top Chef that led me to Top Chef University, an online course teaching culinary skills to beginner cooks. From the moment I made the purchase and logged-in to the course, I was hooked on internet learning.

As an undergrad, I’d taken several courses that aired via a local television station. (If you missed the live airing of a class, you could “rent” a VHS recording afterward. Yes, I’m that old.) I loved the ability to pause lectures, or rewind and re-watch confusing parts of the material. Plus, I could take the entire course from the comfort of my living room without ever having to take off my pajamas! What I realized from Top Chef University was that online courses took the self-paced at-home learning approach I already loved from University and brought it to a whole new level.

In the years that followed, I became an online course junky. I’ve taken multiple courses from online learning platforms likes, Udemy, and Creative Live to name just a few. Through these courses, I’ve learned about social media marketing, business building, and, of course, creative writing.

If you are like me and you’re interested in both online learning and becoming a better writer, I encourage you to check out Writer’s Craft Academy, my private membership site for aspiring authors. The Academy’s training library has over 50 training videos featuring over 20 hours of content.

Of course, the major challenge most people face when it comes to taking online training is finding the time to watch the videos!

I can relate. I’m an author, a writing coach, and a policy analyst for the Canadian federal government. I’m also a father of three high-energy young children. My free time is scarce, so, just like you, I have to be strategic in the use of my time, especially if I want to continue to grow and learn from online courses.

Luckily, I have a special hack I’m going to share with you that massively accelerated the pace of my online learning.

I mean, I understand how the 20-hours of training videos that Writer’s Craft Academy members have access to can be exciting, as well as intimidating…

But what if I told you this simple hack will allow you to watch those 20 hours of training in 10 hours… or less, all without missing any of the content?


I thought you might be.

So here it is: the thing that has allowed me to accelerate the pace of my online learning – and will allow you to do the same – is a simple (free) Chrome plug-in called “Video Speed Controller.”

Video Speed Controller is available in the Chrome Web Store here.

Once you have it installed in your Chrome browser, you’ll notice some new controls will appear in the upper left hand corner of your videos. The controls look like this:

Using those simple controls, you’ll be able to adjust the speed (to more than triple the regular rate) of virtually any video on the internet.

And that includes ALL of the training videos in Writer’s Craft Academy!

Video Speed Controller has allowed me to tear through courses I simply wouldn’t have had time to complete otherwise.

I intend to be a life-long learner. I want to continue to grow and develop as both a writer and a coach, and the strategic use of online training is going to continue to be a major part of my education for the foreseeable future.

I hope you also have a learner’s mindset. If you do, Video Speed Controller will help you achieve your learning goals at a quicker pace than ever before!

If becoming a better writer is one of your goals, click here to learn more about the Writer’s Craft Academy community.
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