Joan Dempsey Discusses Her Debut Novel — The Writing Coach 055

Welcome to The Writing Coach. On this podcast, I speak with the instructors, editors, coaches, and mentors who help writers and authors create their art, build their audience, and sell their work.

In ep. #55 of The Writing Coach podcast, writing instructor Joan Dempsey, who previously appeared in episode 38, returns to the show to discuss the launch of her debut novel, This Is How It Begins. The book is political literary fiction exploring the clash between religious freedom and gay rights, and it’s already getting rave reviews.

During our conversation Joan describes:

  • what it’s like releasing a political novel in these incredibly turbulent political times;
  • if she feels pressured to follow her own writing instructional advice when writing her fiction;
  • the arduous querying process she went through for the book;
  • the surprising benefits she discovered from going with a hybrid publisher;
  • and lots more.

Listen to the episode now!

The Writing Coach #55 Show Notes

Check out the This Is How it Begins website here, or purchase your copy from Amazon now:

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  • Bill Valley

    Reply Reply October 11, 2017

    This is a very exciting podcast with Joan Dempsey who has written I am sure a powerful literary novel titled “This Is How It Begins.” I enjoyed every word. Joan must be very intelligent and well informed to get both scholarships and receive $$$ stipends to research her info for the book — then to quarry agents and get one to publish her books in the traditional way. Their is hope to still get a publisher! (Instead of self-publishing)
    Tremendous effort on your part and way to go in reviewing Joan Dempsey! I want to thank you for all you do. It is good to see for us old school people that authors of today still publish in the traditional way. Hot dog !!! this gives me a real spark of hope!
    Best to you,

    Bill Valley

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