Jason B . Ladd on Family, Spirituality, and Book Reviews — The Writing Coach 054

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In ep. #54 of The Writing Coach podcast, I speak with author and entrepreneur Jason B. Ladd about his new book for indie authors, Book Review Bonzai: The Unknown Author’s Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazon Reviews

Jason is an award-winning author who helps indies learn how to win in the publishing game.  He is the creator of Indielisters, the web’s largest live database of book promotion results created exclusively by authors, and, as an apologist, he provides a cultural apologetic focusing on leadership, parenthood, and worldview development.

During our conversation Jason describes:

  • His decision to move his family to Alaska
  • What it’s like being the father of a large family and how he finds the time to write
  • How his military training helped prepare him for the world of indie publishing
  • Why getting book reviews is so important (and so difficult)
  • And lots more.

Listen to the episode now!

The Writing Coach #54 Show Notes

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