You Aren’t a Genius

You aren’t a genius.

You weren’t born more talented or more intelligent than other writers out there.

Words don’t flow from your pen magically.

You aren’t a once-in-a-generation wunderkind.

That’s okay.

You know what the geniuses do?









You and I weren’t born with the gifts of the people I just linked to.

That’s cool.

It’s okay.

It just means we’ll have to work harder than them.

And our success won’t happen over night.

It will take years of persiverence and dedication.

And, in the end, we’ll live to enjoy it in a way they couldn’t.

We’ll cherish our literary success the way you cherish a delicous piece of warm pie.

We won’t blow our heads off or walk into a creek with a pocket full of stones.

We’ll struggle, and work, and sweat, and cry to create good art.

And, when it’s all said and done, we’ll still be around to see our grandkids grow-up.

There are better things to be than a genius writer.

Like alive, for one.

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