2015 is over… Don’t Look Back

2015 is drawing to a close… which means you’re probably taking stock of what you achieved this year.

Did you reach your goals?

Were you the best you that you could be?

That’s what everyone is asking themselves, right?

But you know what?

The answers to those questions don’t matter.

If you achieved everything you set your sights on in 2015, or if the year was a dismal failure… means NOTHING at this point!

The slate has been wiped clean, my friend.

In the song “She Belong to Me”, Bob Dylan has a great lyric:

She’s got everything she needs

She’s an artist, she don’t look back.

That’s you Bob is singing about.

You are an artist, and artists don’t look back.

They look to the future.

Heck, they create the future.

So what is 2016 going to look like for you?

Are you finally going to write that novel you know have in you?

If so, I’d like to help.

(Especially if you’re writing a fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or young adult novel.)

As a writing coach, I work one-on-one with writers just like you to help them get their novels written using a three-pronged approach:

  1. The ‘What?’ Stage
  2. The ‘How?’ Stage
  3. The ‘Did?’ Stage

In the ‘What?’ Stage, I’ll work with you to determine what book you want to write. Have you chosen a genre? Do you know that genre’s obligatory scenes and story conventions? Are you building a solid story that’s based on an established and proven story structure? It’s the work we will do in this stage that will serve as the foundation for your entire project to follow.

In the ‘How?’ Stage, I’ll help you develop a strategic plan for how you are going to get your novel written. We’ll establish timelines, deadlines, productivity systems, and we’ll implement a regular writing schedule that will have you pumping out pages faster than you ever thought possible.

The ‘Did?” stage is where a lot of my clients get the most value out of my coaching because it’s in this stage I ask you the most important question of all: Did you do the work? You can know your genre inside and out. You can have an airtight writing schedule planned. But if you don’t DO THE WORK, your book will never get written. I’ll be there to provide you with support and accountability every step of the way.

Writing a novel is hard.

Really hard.

It takes time, dedication, energy, and an emotional investment of enormous magnitude.

If you are willing to make that kind of commitment to a work of art, you owe it to yourself to get all the help you can get along the way.

I’d love to talk to you about your novel, and how I might be able to help make 2016 the year you get it written.

Click here to schedule a free consultation call with me.

Here’s what some of my current and past coaching clients have to say about working with me:

I owe a lot of my new-found confidence and conviction to write what matters vs writing what’s popular to Kevin’s cutting edge methodology and person-centered approach to coaching.  I encourage you to dive in and soak up everything he has to offer!  Thanks Kev! – Andre Petrolo

Kevin provided excellent insight on my middle-grade fantasy book, and was meticulously prepared each coaching session with helpful and actionable insights. His love and passion for writing spilled over into how he worked with me, and I could tell that he really wants to see me succeed. He helped me find gaps in my story structure, and think through many ways I could improve my narrative. – Chris Shumate author of Fishing Promises

I was looking for someone to kick my butt into gear when I saw Kevin on twitter, and he did just that! I went from not writing at all to getting down over a thousand words a day! Kevin was great to work with because he is full of resources and knowledge, and he really believes in finding specific solutions that uniquely fit you and your life. Thank you, Kevin! – Melanie S.

Kevin’s enthusiasm to get your story told is contagious. You cannot help but get inspired to keep on writing and all the way he is your guide, mentor and your friend. He makes the impossible seem possible and when you feel stuck he’ll make sure the block you’ve reached will be removed. I never thought getting my story down on paper would happen, but thanks to Kevin the first draft of my book is now near completion. Thank you Kevin. – Oliver Guttorm

Kevin is committed to helping writers find themselves on the page. He is knowledgeable and professional with a great sense of humour and a warm personality. He is encouraging and permeates a confidence that is inspiring.  Kevin has helped me to re-plan my novel and get it down on paper. He has taught me many great writing methods and tricks, as well as leading me to other helpful resources. He is a top notch writing coach who I will forever be grateful of. – Kathryn Harris

These writers invested in themselves, worked with me, and transformed their writing in the process.

Now it’s your turn.

Don't look back...

CREATE the future instead.

Book your free consultation now!


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Kevin T. Johns is an author, writing coach, and ghostwriter. He helps authors from around the world get their stories out of their heads, onto the page, and into readers hands. Grab a free copy of his short guide for authors by clicking the image below.

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