Are you attending the Self-Publishing Success Summit?

I’m super excited about a huge online event that’s coming up soon featuring a bunch of my friends and experts in the writing and publishing field.

The event is called The Self-Publishing Success Summit, and it is going to feature pals of mine like:

  • Fan favorite Jeff Goins (check out my chat with him hereand here)
  • Wunderkind Chadler Bolt (I spoke with him here and here)
  • Scrivener Coach Joseph Michael (who I interviewed here)
  • Author and writing coach Steven Windsor (who I had a great two-part discussion with hereand here)
  • Networking expert, lawyer, and former White House staffer John Corcoran (who has been a friend and mentor to me for a couple of years now)

In addition to these amazing folks, the event is filled with ALL the big names in the indie publishing and online entrepreneurial world, from Joanna Penn to Michael Port to Pat Flynn to James Clear and John Lee Dumas. Some of these speakers charge thousands of dollars to attend one of their live events, but because it’s an online summit you can see all of them in one place without having to leave home… for free!

Click the button below to visit the registration page for the online conference. (It’s free to register.)




I assure you I'm going to be watching as many of these presentations as I can, and you should too! These folks know what they are talking about.

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Kevin T. Johns is an author, writing coach, and ghostwriter. He helps authors from around the world get their stories out of their heads, onto the page, and into readers hands. Grab a free copy of his short guide for authors by clicking the image below.


  • Gillian Davis

    Reply Reply July 17, 2015

    Hey Kevin, Just wanted to thank you for the invitation to this summit. The information is amazing, I am so grateful to you for all the helpful things you say, do and invite me to. You are my hero!!


      Reply Reply July 17, 2015

      Wow, Gillian, thank you for the kind words. You sure know how to make a guy’s night!! 🙂

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