7 Lessons Learned Recording an Audiobook

Last month I recorded the audiobook version of my novel, The Page Turners, to include free in the pre-order bonus bundle for it’s sequel, The Page Turners: Economy of Fear.

It was my first time recording an audiobook, and I learned A LOT!

cdcaseblankdisc_800x550In the latest episode of the Write Along Radio podcast, I share my top seven takeaways from the project.

If you’ve ever considered making an audiobook, or if you think you might want to record one in the future, you’ll definitely not want to miss this episode.

You can listen to the top seven lessons learned here.

NOTE: Today is the last day to access The Page Turners: Economy of Fear Pre-order Bonus Bundle. If you want to get a free copy of the audiobook discussed in this podcast, make sure you pre-order the sequel TODAY in paperback, or on Kindle or Kobo!

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