Economy of Fear Sneak Preview and Author Commentary (Chapter 2)

Welcome back to our sneak preview and author commentary video series for my new young adult paranormal horror novel, The Page Turners: Economy of Fear.

I’ve already shared with you the Prologue and Chapter 1, along with video commentary addressing each of those chapters.

With the book coming out next Monday (!!!), this preview of Chapter 2 will be the last in the sneak preview series.

You know the drill by now: download the chapter, give it a read, and then watch the video!

In this author commentary, I discuss:

    • Return of the Jedi’s technique for re-introducing characters
    • The Outer Limits and Unsolved Mysteries
    • Robbing characters of agency
    • Why I don’t like flying in airplanes
    • Hooking readers
    • and more!



The Page Turners: Economy of Fear is available for pre-order now:


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