Economy of Fear Sneak Preview and Author Commentary (Chapter 1)

Last week I shared with you a free sneak preview of the prologue to my new young adult horror/fantasy/sci-fi mash-up, The Page Turners: Economy of Fear, along with some video commentary addressing the chapter.

This week I’m happy to continue this series of sneak peaks by sharing with you Chapter 1 of the book! Just click the link (below the video) to download the chapter.

After reading the chapter, check out the video for a glimpse into what was going through my mind when I wrote this chapter, including:

  • Easter eggs for readers
  • my love of The X-Files and the influence it had on this chapter
  • my fear of country driving at night
  • increasing levels of violence in the narrative
  • anticipation and delayed gratification for readers, and more!



    The Page Turners: Economy of Fear is available for pre-order now, and includes a special bonus bundle.

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