Unboxing The Page Turners: Economy of Fear Proof

One of the magical things about publishing a book is that no matter how many times you go over the digital material during the production process, you never really know what the printed book will look like.

It is only when you are holding a physical copy in your hands that you get to see how the cover looks and how the font appears on the printed page.

That’s why in the publishing industry we have something called the “proofing” process.

A proof is simply a printed copy of a book, published prior to the public release. The proof is created specifically so that a publisher or an indie author can review the hardcopy and ensure everything looks correct when printed.

Getting the first proof copy of a book in your hands is an incredible moment marking the end of a long journey towards publication, and I wanted to share the experience with you.

As such, when the proof of my new book, The Page Turners: Economy of Fear arrived in the mail, I made this video, so that you can share in the excitement!

Check it out now:

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