Oops. That was NOT what I had planned!

There is an old saying with much truth in it: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

Lets face it, things rarely go according to plan.

I spent most of this week promoting last night’s Find the Time to Write: Productivity Hacks for Busy Authors webinar, but as the week wore on, I found myself growing increasingly sick.

By yesterday morning, I was so ill that I had to go the doctor, where I discovered I have a severe sinus infection.

I spent most of the rest of the day in bed, but I made sure I was still ready to give the webinar and bring my best energy to the presentation in order to motivate and educate the webinar attendees.

And then about twenty minutes in to the presentation my internet stopped working, and I was unable to reconnect to the video presentation.


I fought through my sickness, only to have technology fail me!

shareasimage(1)These things happen. It sucks, but as artists, we need to be able to roll with the punches.

Did the webinar turn out the way I had hoped it would? No.

But you know what? There is a good chance the piece of writing you are working on right isn’t going to turn out exactly as you envision it either. Few pieces of writing ever do.

My webinar did not go perfect, but the art we create will never be perfect either.

And that is OKAY.

We need to be nimble. We need to roll with the punches life throws our way.

We can’t put all our hopes and dreams into one webinar or one book. Being a writer is about producing a body of work, and being an educator and a coach is about teaching your material again and again.

I’m going to attempt to host the webinar again this evening.

Hopefully I will be healthy enough to deliver a good presentation.

Hopefully the internet will work this time.

But you never know.

And, hey, that’s part of the fun of being human, right?

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