Be Kind to Yourself

2014 has drawn to a close, and I haven’t done much blogging or podcasting during the last few weeks.

That’s because I’ve been busy going over the copy edits to the sequel to my novel, The Page Turners.

This book was originally written over a year ago, but was placed on hold while I wrote and created The Novel Writer’s Blueprint and Smash Fear and Write like a Pro books and online courses.

Do I wish The Page Turners 2 (coming soon!) could have come out this year? You bet I do!

Do I like the fact that it has been on hold for over a year? No way!

But one of the biggest lessons I learned in 2014 is that you simply can’t do everything.

As writers, we have so many dreams and aspirations, and we want it all to happen right now.

When things take a little longer than anticipated, we often beat ourselves up about it.

That’s NOT the way to go about life!

I want you to be kind to yourself.

I want you to congratulate yourself for the great writing you did in 2014.

You and I are in this writing game for the long haul. It’s doesn’t all have to happen today.

So here’s to your continued success in 2015!

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  • Jason Kong

    Reply Reply January 5, 2015

    I hear you, Kevin! It *is* so easy to be hard on yourself.

    One thing I’ve found helpful is to periodically look back at what I’ve accomplished, taking the time to be proud at what I did finish. That always makes me feel better (and more motivated too).

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