Crowd Funding for Authors Training Series (Video 2)

If you missed the first video in author Catherine Brunelle’s awesome, informative, and fun Crowd Funding for Authors training series, click here to watch it now. 

This week, Catherine is back at it again with the release of the second video in the series. In this new video, she discusses the importance of planning various aspects of your crowd funding campaign.

In the video, Catherine covers:

  • how to decide what to outsource and what to do yourself;
  • why you’ll need to have your manuscript ready;
  • how to go about estimating costs;
  • approaches to organizing your schedule; and
  • the importance of having a back-up plan.

Check out the video now:


I am a huge proponent of planning in most aspects of life, especially business and writing, so Catherine’s advice in this video sounds likes sage words of wisdom to these ears.

I can’t wait for the next video in this series. What about you?

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